Help your friend get through his hard times... As your old friend Richard is suffering from chronic depression, you get to know this after you reach his house after a long time.

[Made For BYOG Jam 2020]

Based on Themes : "One Second", "Jump Gone Wrong" and "Unlearn"

Theme Interpretation :
Jump gone wrong - as in you can fall in pit from the platforms if you don't time your jump correctly...

Level 1 : Based on "One Second" Player shown platforms only for one second... collect all orbs to get glimpse of the room once more and make your way through.

Level 2 : Based on "Unlearn" as your controls are switched "WASD" are not the same as you used to know them.

Level 3 : Based on "Jump Gone Wrong" as time your jumps right and collect orbs to win against the boss - Demon of depression.


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Damn thats hard :)... I like the dialogue system though

Thanks for checking it out! :)
And sorry if the difficulty is little bit on the higher side.😶 Will keep it in mind for the future.